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The new global portal for Samskip Logistics' freight forwarders

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Samskip Logistics, one of the global logistics companies, launched a new global portal “mySamskipLogistics” for freight forwarding customers across all Samskip offices around the world in the first week of November. The new portal allows customers to place freight bookings shipments online, and access track and trace information for all shipments they enter. Up-to-date information about shipment status, references and comments are available at any time along with documents and invoices.


“The well-known benefits of online booking start with error avoidance, while continuous track and trace adds transparency and a record of actions for clients, said Martijn Tasma, Samskip Logistics Director Global Forwarding.


Logistics, according to Tasma, is a business that operates around the clock, seven days a week, where customers have the right to expect up-to-date information on the status of the shipment at all times. mySamskipLogistics makes the benefits of digitalization available to shippers who previously could not secure them, in fast-paced segments such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat. “We developed the solution after listening to clients; the message came back loud and clear that specialized shippers also want these benefits,” he added.


The portal is also linked to the INTTRA Open Trade Platform - a free digital platform for shippers that enables electronic booking, digital transmission of shipping instructions and real-time tracking of container status. Therefore, vessel departures by INTTRA carriers are automatically captured in mySamskipLogistics.


Tasma explained the launch of a new global portal does not replace direct contact with customers, but supply chain leaders today are building leadership through data management and data sharing. “mySamskipLogistics also opens a path to introduce machine learning efficiency into forwarding in reefer logistics,” he said.


Samskip Logistics has offices in 35 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and offers transport and related services by land, rail, sea and air worldwide, with a focus on cost efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. Samskip is one of the very first Dutch companies whose Environmental Management System is recognized under the renewed Quality Assurance scheme.


More information on company’s website.



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