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New Line of Drip Irrigation Fittings by Toro

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Toro, designer, manufacturer and distributor of micro-irrigation products, announced Toro® Fittings, a new line of drip irrigation fittings for drip tape, hose and dripline. The new designed fittings have a higher quality of construction, better connections and nice performance.


Sky Anderson, product manager for Toro, commented that with their new line of fittings, growers not only get good quality easy-to-install fittings in popular configurations, but also company's revolutionary and innovative fittings. “These include the new Flex Connect layflat fittings and 6/8” ID tape fittings. All configurations are designed to last for the life of the system, and make installation a little easier and more flexible for the grower,” he added.


Among advantages of all Toro Fittings: good quality and performance; easy to install and tight seal; easy to grip nuts and valves; and easy to see - nut with bright red tape makes tape fittings easy to find, remove and re-use.


Ralf San Jose, director of marketing for Toro Ag Americas, shared the company has built its legacy by understanding growers' needs and developing quality drip irrigation products that address their needs and help them succeed. “This commitment to innovation is reflected in many of our drip irrigation products, including Aqua-Traxx®, FlowControl®, and our new highly clog-resistant drip tape, Aqua-Traxx Azul™. We are confident that our new Toro Fittings will exceed grower’s expectations,” he concluded.


Toro Ag is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of quality micro-irrigation products. The company's drip irrigation solutions help growers of vegetables, field crops, orchards and vineyards realize substantial benefits in yield, quality and water savings through precise water and nutrient application.


Click here for more information about Toro Fittings.



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Drip irrigation fitting by Toro
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