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Mucci Farms will significantly expand over the next two years

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Mucci Farms, one of the greenhouse grown produce leaders, announced major expansions in Kingsville, Ontario (Canada) and Huron, Ohio (USA) total area of 206 acres over the next two years. Through this investment, the organization’s ongoing emphasis on maximizing local and regional fruits and vegetables throughout the year is supported by expansion and lit culture grow light technology.


Bert Mucci, Chief Executive Officer, said demand for greenhouse-grown produce is growing rapidly. “This is because consumers continue to put pressure on the food industry to prioritize food safety, sustainability, responsible growing practices and clean growing environments,” he added.


The first year of expansion is slated to include bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries from the largest climate controlled strawberry farm in North America. “Since we aren’t importing from California or Florida, we can maximize sugars by allowing product to be fully ripe before we harvest,” explained Joe Spano, VP of Sales and Marketing.


The second year of the 100-acre expansion will focus exclusively on Bell Peppers to accommodate a growing need for supply in this category, driven by expansion as well as technology. The organization currently trialing, according Bert, lit culture grow lights for their Pepper program which will be a game changer that allows them to grow local peppers 365 days a year.


The breakdown of the extensions by acreage and commodity looks in next way: 25-acres of Tomatoes on-the-vine in Huron, Ohio, the third and final phase of the 75-acre project; 30-acres of multiple varieties of Bell Peppers in Kingsville; 36-acres of SmucciesTM Sweet strawberries in Kingsville, doubling the current acreage to a total of 72-acres; 15-acres of mini-cocktail cucumbers and 100-acres of multiple varieties of Bell Peppers at a new site in Kingsville with construction beginning in 2022.


A dedicated research and development facility is an additional project to be ready by 2021. Danny Mucci, President of Sales and Marketing, stated the organization have over 300 varieties of various commodities being trialed at any given time. "Consolidating them all into one specific building allows us to be much more thorough and expand our capabilities. Our trial program includes non-traditional greenhouse grown items such as zucchinis, blackberries and melons."


Moreover, in June of this year, Mucci Farms announced the addition of two new warehouse facilities in Romulus, Michigan and San Antonio, Texas, which will serve as warehouses, distribution centers and cross-docks. Both facilities will be ready in 2021.


Growing fresh produce for over 60 years, Mucci Farms is a vertically integrated organization from seed to retail with a global partner network of over 1,700 acres of fruit and vegetable greenhouses. Headquartered in Kingsville, Ontario, the company continually invests in automation and technology, along with a high level of research and development, to offer the tastiest varieties to consumers.


More information about the organization on their website.



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Mucci Farms Expansion
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