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MSC Offers a Solution for Intra-Europe Cargo

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Rising movement restrictions of people and isolation in Europe hit the transport sector hard. Currently, the problem with freight transportation by road is acute in Europe. EU Member States have imposed border restrictions, which lead to deliveries’ delays of more than 24 hours in some cases.


While the road freight transport sector is facing a crisis and carrying capacity, short sea services are the answer to the need for an uninterrupted fulfillment of global supply chains.


Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), one of the world leading shipping and logistics companies, offers a new campaign focusing on shippers of cargo between European destinations. The company has the broadest coverage of ports, inland connections and offices in Europe. Its extensive network stretches from Belfast to Poti, and from Helsinki to Heraklion, covering over 90 ports in Europe through 50 vessel and feeder loops, and supported by local expert teams of the company. MSC can deliver cargo of any size, shape or shelf life directly to its final destination.  


The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has shown that MSC’s short-sea offering has a key role to play in door-to-door service of the company, which enables cargo delivery throughout the continent in sustainable way. The company offers multimodal transport - a reliable solution that combines container shipping with door-to-door logistics solutions via truck, train and barge for seamless delivery across Europe.


Present in 155 countries, MSC is working to provide container shipping and logistics services across the global economy. As one of the key actors in international supply chains, the company maintaining its strong customer focus everywhere and continue to ensure a range of services across all markets.


Click here for more information on MSC’s European Short Sea Services.



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Door-to-door logistics solutions via train and barge by MSC
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