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Chile 05/10/2020

Hans Eben appointed as CEO of Agricom Chile (Westfalia Fruit Group)

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Westfalia Fruit International Ltd, one of the leading multinational suppliers of fresh fruit and related ​products to international markets, announced that Hans Eben has taken on the role of CEO at its fully owned subsidiary Agricom Ltd.


Rodrigo Barros, the founder of Agricom, has retired after four decades of running this Chilean agribusiness. Now Mr. Eben will succeed him with managing all aspects of the Agricom business in Chile, providing financial, operational, strategic and stakeholder support to ensure the sustainability, profitability and further business development.


“I’m excited to be contributing towards the wellbeing of millions of people around the world with the sustainably grown, nutritious and colourful products of the Westfalia family,” said Hans Eben.


Hans has worked his entire career at Unilever, heading up companies with manufacturing plants and operations under his scope. Recently, he held the position of Unilever Country Manager in Chile. Prior to that, Hans served as Country Manager for Unilever in Peru and as Marketing Director for Unilever in Latin America. Early in his career, Hans worked in the UK, where he was Vice President of the Unilever Marketing Academy.


Alk Brand, CEO of Westfalia Fruit, said about this appointment: “We are pleased that Hans agreed to join us. Chile is a strategic region for Westfalia and we look forward to continuing to promote Chilean fruit and our growers through our global platforms. The skills that Hans brings are ideal for the execution of this vision.”


Westfalia Fruit Group is a leading multinational supplier of fresh fruit and related​ value-added products to international markets. Through their vertically integrated supply chain the Group grow, source and ripen, pack, process and market quality avocados and other produce – across the year and across the globe.


For more information, visit Group's website.



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Hans Eben, CEO of Agricom Chile (Westfalia Fruit Group)
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