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Kwik Lok systems are an innovative way for the packers to avoid costly capital investments

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Kwik Lok Corporation, the U.S. international company producing small bag closures, teamed up with Atelier de Recherches et de Conceptions (ARC), located in France, to develop the Kwik Link and the Kwik Line systems. Both systems, semi-automatic and automatic, consists of an ARC machine that binds fruit or vegetables together with an elastic string and a Kwik Lok machine that applies a label to it for traceability, branding opportunities and product information. Together, they result in less packaging for a smaller carbon footprint and a more sustainable branded packaging option.


Wouter Reijndorp, Kwik Lok’s Sales Director, shared with Fructidor: “Our system has been proven in the field, from the moment we launched our innovative solution five years ago, and our customers have told us the system is very reliable and effective in increasing sales.”


During the interview, the advantages of closure labels over packaging and brand on packaging were discussed. The Kwik Lok label reduces the amount of packaging that normally used to brand, identify and code the product. “The label offers to grower the opportunity of promotion their company and product. It is great for brand identification, product identification and promotional uses like in-store coupons, cross advertising, games, contests, local promotions, recipes, etc.,” said Mr Reijndorp. Well-designed closure label stands out, grabs attention, and can often influence a last-minute purchasing decision by the consumer.


Kwik Lok’s Kwik Link and Kwik Line systems are a flexible and an innovative way for the packers to avoid costly capital investments like a flow wrapper and alleviates the need to stock many different preprinted foil rolls. Instead, the company provides flexible method of supplying labels into the market that requires less stocked product in packaging sheds. 


Nowadays the reducing of packaging is important to customers as they informed and wants to limit the impact of their buying choices on the environment. Packers of fruit and vegetables need find ways to minimize packaging overall while still keeping food safe and fresh. 


Kwik Lok also concerned about the environmental impact of plastics and carbon. For this reason the company launched their Fresh Start program to do good while doing well.


Wouter Reijndorp commented: “One of our first steps was to develop the Eco-Lok. Eco-Lok is a sustainable closure that uses renewably sourced plant-based resin. It requires less fossil fuel to manufacture, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall material use. The Eco-Lok is as reliable as our traditional closure and is compatible with our existing company’s machinery.”


At the end of the interview, he noted that Kwik Lok is continuously researching materials and process that will allow their products to meet the needs of their customers. “We appreciate the opportunity to work collaboratively with customers and others in the packaging arena to find unique, clever solutions that meet sustainability goals and manage the bottom line.”


Kwik Lok is the originator of the first bag closure. Started from a small and has grown into a multinational company producing billions of the small bag closures every year. With Kwik Lok it is possible not only to close bagged packages, but also to label bags, and print coded traceability information on the closure. The company offer these capabilities on all automatic, semiautomatic, and even hand-applied lines.


Visit company’s website to find more information about their products.



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Kwik Lok's Label and Eco Lok
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