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France 09/07/2020

Océane launched a production of mini cucumbers

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The market gardeners of the French cooperative Océane, producers of a wide range of vegetables in the Nantes region (Loire Atlantique), have launched a production of mini-cucumbers.
The cucumber season has started and we had the opportunity to speak with Inessa Vourey, Development Manager at Océane SCEA about their new mini cucumbers.
"Easy to transport and taste everywhere, our mini-cucumber accompany meals or snacking moments for young and old! At work as at home, for a picnic with family or an aperitif with friends, they offer the crunchiness and the freshness so characteristic of cucumbers but in mini version! "
"These mini-cucumbers have a lot of advantages: more taste, less juice and a thin skin (you don't need to peel them, just put them under water before consuming them), last but not least, these are healthy products that are easy to transport and consume everywhere. We have just started and we are already seeing strong demand from our customers. "Inessa Vourey told us.
Since 1993, Océane market gardeners have grown more than 1,000 hectares and offer a range of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, lamb's lettuce, salads, sucrine, leeks, fennel, onions. Their farms are Global GAP certified, and they are actively engaged in environmentally friendly procedures via HVE (High Environmental Value) certification.
"Summer is the season of mixed salads, with Océane you will find all the vegetables you need! Added Inessa Vourey.
For more details on Océane products, please contact:

Inessa Vourey

Head of Business development



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The mini cucumbers offered by Océane, a new product for a healthy and tasty snacking.
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