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France 03/07/2020

New transport cooperation between Hellmann and GEODIS in France

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Starting September 1, 2020 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the globally full-service provider, will be cooperating with GEODIS, one of the French market leader in land transport. The companies cooperates in Great Britain since May, and extends their cooperation to Germany and France. Thus, Hellmann ends its long-standing partnership with Heppner, specialist of transport and logistics solutions to and from France.


Stéphane Cassagne, Executive Vice President of GEODIS Distribution & Express, shares: “We have been working successfully with Hellmann in Great Britain for several weeks. With our relationship now firmly established, we look forward to expanding this collaboration.”


Over the past ten years, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has already been able to establish itself in the market as a strong freight forwarder in France. Last year, the logistics company opened its first own sea- and airfreight branch near Paris that means France is a strategically important market for the company.


By choosing a new partner in the land transport sector, the company continues to expand its product range by offering new routes and increasing the density of departures, including imports.


“We have found a very powerful and well-positioned partner in GEODIS with whom we will continue to optimize the services offered to our customers," says Matthias Magnor, Chief Operating Officer Road & Rail, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.


More information about the company’s range of services can be found on their website.



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Cooperation between Hellmann and GEODIS
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