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USA 01/07/2020

Daily shipments of Northwest Cherries increase

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The Northwest cherry industry growers happy about the last week of ideal weather, due to which were shipped 2.8 million boxes (20 lbs = 9.07 kg) in seven days, according to press release of The Washington State Fruit Commission/Northwest Cherry Growers.


Nevertheless, showers are expected in several growing districts, which may cause a brief slow down. The aggressive promotion not only across the U.S. but around the world as well observed. Fortunately, the quality and sugars remain high, so repeat purchases expected to be strong throughout the projected long season.


Despite the fact that the total volume has decreased compared to historical averages, Northwest Cherry Growers’ later orchards are still developing a crop more closer to normal than other regions. This season looks to be on pace for one of the longest (90-100 days).


The Rainier and light sweet varieties of cherry had been impacted by past week's warm weather, that has pushed their development ahead. It may cause some challenges for National Rainier Cherry Day promotions. There is certainly a late season in the Rainier crop but for some shippers, the daily volume appears more likely to line up with 4th of July promotions.


Lower volumes from the Northwest has certainly reduced the number and size of store displays. However, the Northwest Cherry Growers can still ensure that in-store and online shoppers worldwide will see that Northwest cherries are in season. In-store radio programs are in full rollout across the country, while influencer and media partner promotions will continue to launch from now through the end of July.


Due to the expected problems in retail during COVID-19 the Northwest Cherry Growers have developed their strongest digital consumer media program in order to raise consumer awareness and encourage them to look for cherries on the shelves. Promotions and POS promotions are establishing to share. For "Buy Now, Freeze Now" promotions, this year is a great opportunity.


More information can be found by the link.



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Northwest Cherries
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