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Aweta has implemented a new technology for Kiwi selection

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IQA-INSCAN PULSE is the AWETA sensor for kiwi selection to define its flavor and consistency. It impacts the production sale as it gives a better understanding to whom and when and at which price to sell the production.


Aweta established this innovation to exclude soft kiwis and offer customers high quality production. Not only this aspect is crucial. There are many internal factors that are also important for kiwi flavor.

So, what IQA-INSCAN PULSE detects?:

- Pulp color

- Brix

- Dry matter

- Ripeness

- Chlorophyll

One of the most significant indicator is to determine dry matter as it includes soluble substances (sugars and acids) and insoluble substances (structural carbohydrates and starch) because it keeps stable during post-harvest processes.

" In general, with IQA-INSCAN PULSE we can monitor the quality of the product in real time, avoid disruptive tests that bring inaccurate statistics, decrease of sorting and operational costs, improve marketing and management processes and at final stage we have satisfied customers",Mr.Norman van der Gaag said.



Mr. Norman van der Gaag – Sales Manager



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New technology for Kiwi selection
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