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All countries 09/06/2020

The apple sorting accuracy has been improved by Taiho 4.0 intelligent fruit sorting system

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Relying on the artificial intelligence sorting technology, cloud identification sorting technology and other core technologies accumulated by Taihe Optoelectronics for many years, the company provides all-round data acquisition and high-speed information processing, realized the fruit shape &color detection, weight and internal quality (sugar, acidity) detection.

Omnidirectional multi-angle visual technology can detect external quality indexes such as fruit shape, color and blemish.Unique dynamic calibration and temperature compensation function to avoid measurement errors caused by environmental differences.

Internal detection, use infrared to identify dark wound technology, detect sugar, mildew heart disease and other physiological indicators.

Density detection, screening out the phenomenon of dry and water loss of fruit.



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Taiho fruit sorting machine.
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