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Italy 13/05/2020

UNITEC has managed to guarantee assistance all over the world and the launch of new lines despite the health situation

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A lighthouse in the storm for its Customers. The metaphor of Emrah Ince, General Manager of the Tekfen Agri Group of which the Turkish packing house Alanar is part, has given a great joy to the UNITEC Team, which works for the Results of its Customers. Actually, it lives on these Results.


Needless to say, when the emergency situation due to the pandemic got worse, UNITEC first thought was to continue to ensure all the necessary support to its Customers, the Packing Houses all over the world which handle fresh fruits and vegetables, so that they could continue their activity in the best conditions. UNITEC immediately mobilize with the aim of being able to ensure all the necessary assistance to its Customers, wherever they were located.


Thanks to the widespread presence of its 13 branches, to its teams of specialized technicians located in all continents and its after-sales service Team, UNITEC was able to meet the needs of its Customers, thus ensuring the complete functionality and efficiency of their lines.


This is how David Geen, President of Jealous Fruits, pointed out how UNITEC was able to move forward with the installation of a 28-lane cherry line with the Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, despite the difficulties of this period.


The packing house from British Columbia was not the only one in the American continent that, during this period, benefited from UNITEC support in the extremely delicate stage of installation of a new line. Chris Carloni, Director of Operation of the Californian packing house OG Packing, expressed all his gratitude towards UNITEC, which despite the restrictions cause by the emergency situation was able to update the Cherry Vision 3.0 system in three cherry sorting lines in the Stockton installation, thus respecting all the commitments made with the Customer: "In this very difficult and uncertain time, we are grateful to have a business partner that has supported us and our needs above and beyond our expectations. UNITEC has rapidly restructured their technical teams to fulfill its commitments to OG Packing and adapt to the travel restrictions and mitigation efforts currently in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic".


Here are the words of Helen Aggeletos, General Manager of Australian packing house Venus Citrus, where UNITEC was able to complete the installation of a new line for handling mandarins equipped with the Mandarin Vision 3 technology. "Exciting times for Venus Citrus with the completion of the new installation of our UNITEC line. It has been a challenging six weeks due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 virus, a continuing moving target due to travel restrictions. UNITEC was able to organize a team of qualified technicians on the premises in order to meet deadlines as the Italian team could not travel to Australia. The technical team was amazing committed to meeting deadlines and completing the installation, working around the clock to get the line up and running in time for our upcoming Citrus season".


Oscar Ortiz, General Manager of the Spanish packing house Rio Cinca, commented on the upgrade of his cherry line at his premises in Torrente de Cinca and his approach to installation of the new processing line for peaches and nectarines equipped with the Peach Vision 3 system. With as much conciseness as clarity, he stated: "We express our gratitude to UNITEC for meeting all deadlines so far, despite the difficult situation we are in".


“Meet all deadlines”: these simple words were repeated from mouth to mouth, from one Customer to another. It is not an easy thing to do when you are in the middle of a pandemic that affects everyone's lives. However, it is a common and essential goal.

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The first line in Turkey, equipped with Cherry Vision 3.0 from UNITEC, has just been completed in the middle of a health crisis (Photo: unitec group).
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