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Spain 13/02/2020

The Spanish market has great growth potential for yellow fleshed kiwi

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The Italian company Jingold® has decided to stimulate the consumption of one of its flagship products in Spain: the yellow fleshed kiwi Jingold®. This variety still has great growth potential in the Spanish market, according to the company.
Jingold® took advantage of the last part of its season for the Italian yellow kiwi to communicate the advantages of its star product to professionals in the fruit sector. The promotion, carried out in collaboration with its distributor in Mercamadrid, Frutas E. Sánchez, consisted of 4 days of tasting to test the product and distribution of promotional material for stores.
Jingold® is present on the market throughout the year, through the Italian harvest between October and April while between May and September the product comes from its cultures in Chile.
"We are optimistic about the gradual growth that Jingold is experiencing in Spain. The trend continues to accelerate and we are already working to ensure that our volumes respond to this growth," said Moreno Armuzzi, Jingold® sales coordinator for the Spanish market.






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