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Australia 11/12/2019

Avocado production increased by 11% and will continue to expand

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The Avocados Australia organization has published its data on the sector. Avocado production totaled 85,546 tonnes in the 2018/19 season, up by 11% from 77,032 tonnes in the 2017/18 season.
This positive trend is expected to continue, with Australian production forecast to reach 115,000 tonnes by 2025.
This growth in production is accompanied by an increase in domestic consumption. The average Australian consumer now consumes 3.8 kg of avocado a year (3.5 kg per person per year in 2017/18).
Increased production will also help to advance exports. The volume exported for 2018/19 is 3,195 tonnes, mainly to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
The avocado is produced almost all year in 8 main regions thanks to the ecosystems' of the country. The main producing regions are Queensland (57%) and Western Australia (28%). The Hass variety is the dominant variety with 81% of the national production, the Shepard variety represents 16%.



source : avocado org au

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Australia produced 85,546 tonnes of avocados in 2018/19 and anticipates 115,000 tonnes by 2025.
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