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Packaging for organic table grapes becomes recyclable

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One of the most discussed topics these days is reducing plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables. Retailers, fruit and veg distributors, wholesalers, packers, consumers (especially for organics) want nothing more than to have all (plastic) packaging disappear from the shelves tomorrow. Based in the Netherlands organic distributor OTC Organics B.V. offers new solutions to avoid plastics.

The company is already fully preparing for participation at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, which take place from 5 till 7 February in Berlin, Germany. OTC Organics presents new recyclable carton table grape packaging. In addition to this new design, they also will show a new recyclable sleeve.

“Trying to meet demand for non-plastic packaging from our customers and prior to the start of the South African Organic Table grape season, we have introduced a carton table grape packaging”, - explains Bart van der Vliet, Sales & Marketing Manager OTC Organics B.V.

“Many fruits and vegetables can be traded easily without packaging, this is more difficult for other products. We all well know the picture of grapes in a plastic clamshell. This plastic bowl is designed to protect the fruit, making it safer and easier to transport grapes worldwide. Despite being the "standard packaging" and also the cheapest packaging choice, we at OTC Organics decided we need to change this”, - shares Mr. van der Vliet.

OTC Organics together with packing partner Eurowest have developed an alternative. New packaging consists of paper and can be easily recycled after use.

The new packaging has been already on display at Fruit Attraction show in Madrid. OTC Organics will also show it at company’s stand at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Come to see, touch, experience planet friendly packaging at booth Hall 3.2  / B-07.

If you are not able to attend the exhibition in Berlin feel free to contact sales staff at company’s office in Dronten by telephone: +31 (0) 885 880 400 or by e-mail:

Bart van der Vliet
Sales & Marketing Manager OTC Organics B.V.

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On the left: Bart van der Vliet, Sales & Marketing Manager OTC Organics B.V.; On the right: new recyclable carton table grape packaging
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