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Brazil 24/10/2019

Live from Fruit Attraction, Madrid: Avocado is one of the star fruits on the Brazil stand

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In Pavilion 8, the huge stand that brings together companies from Brazil presents the wide variety of national fruits. Among the star products, the avocado. Brazil is the sixth largest avocado producer and will soon be one of the world's largest players.
Under the ABRAFRUTAS' leadership, the association of producers exporting fruit and derived products, more than 40 Brazilian companies are present. With an increase of more than 23% in volume of Brazilian exports during the 3 quarters of the year, ABRAFRUTAS attributes some of this success to the negotiations that are conducted during the exhibitions. Fruit Attraction is one of the privileged events for the growth of Brazilian exports.
According to the association, there are many contacts with importers in the European market. The stand is an opportunity to show the potential of Brazilian fruits, especially avocado. Brazil is the 6th largest avocado producer and will soon be one of the world's largest players.



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Participation in international exhibitions contributes to the growth of exports (Photo: abrafrutas org).
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