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Spain 24/10/2019

Live from Fruit Attraction, Madrid: 3rd edition of the World Fresh Forum

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For the third year in a row, the World Fresh Forum has been organized to present the business opportunities in the countries invited to the show this year: China, Singapore and India.
The World Fresh Forum was held on the first 2 days of the show.
The first day was devoted to the Chinese market. The fruit market in China is growing rapidly, and despite strong growth in domestic production capacity, the volume of imports continues to grow. The potential is important for fruit export but a thorough knowledge of the operation of the sector and the specific demands of fruit importers is essential. Chinese stakeholders, importers and distributors have detailed knowledge of these.
The second day was dedicated to India and Singapore, markets that offer interesting destinations diversification opportunities for Spanish exports. Quality fruits, especially those with a protected designation of origin, are becoming more and more popular.




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The opportunities offered by these markets have been analyzed with local importers and Spanish companies operating in this sector (Photo: Twitter Fruit Attraction).
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