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England 15/10/2019

Britain's largest greenhouses will produce 20 tonnes of tomatoes a day

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The Greencoat Capital Group, which is the UK's largest investor in renewable energy, is behind the project for 2 giant greenhouses in Norfolk and Suffolk. A greener production that will strengthen the country's food security.
The investment amounts to 120 million pounds ($150 million). These greenhouses, which have already begun construction at Trowse, near Norwich, and Ingham, Suffolk, will cover 29 hectares. The production will be 20 tons of tomatoes a day.
This production will be low carbon. Using the heat from nearby Anglian Water water treatment plants, tomato production will have 75% lower carbon emissions compared to conventional greenhouses.
Britain consumes 500 000 tonnes of tomatoes a year, but only 20% is grown in the country. These new greenhouses will be able to supply a good part of the national production, thus reinforcing the food security of the country.

Construction is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.



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Greenhouses that will reduce the carbon footprint of products by 75% compared to European equivalents, while strengthening food security in the United Kingdom (Photo:
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