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Belgium 27/08/2019

PotatoEurope, an even bigger 2019 edition

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The biggest European meeting of the potato industry will take place on 4 and 5 September in Kain, near Tournai (Belgium). The event will feature 220 exhibitors from 17 countries who will present the latest developments in all aspects of potato cultivation and processing.
PotatoEurope is organized in turn, and every 4 years therefore, in one of the central countries with regard to the cultivation of the potato. After France, the Netherlands and Germany, it is again Belgium that hosts in 2019 this great outdoor professional exhibition dedicated to potatoes, on September 4 and 5, 2019, in Kain, near Tournai.
On more than 30 hectares, PotatoEurope 2019 will have 220 exhibitors, 105 in the big top and 115 outside, 8 of which will develop test plots.
These exhibitors come from 17 countries (Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom) and represent the whole potato industry (plants, phytos and fertilizers, mechanization, packaging, packaging, processing facilities, processing, services).
PotatoEurope has seen a remarkable expansion in the number of exhibitors, 173 in 2011 and 193 in 2015 and 220 in 2019. The show has become the key event for the potato industry in Europe.




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PotatoEurope is an "indoor" trade show with exhibition spaces and conference venues as well as an outdoor trade show with numerous demonstrations of crops and equipment (Photo:
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