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USA 26/08/2019

An even tastier tomato promised by scientists

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Scientists at the UF (University of Florida) have made further progress in improving a tomato variety with even better taste and aroma.
In 2006, UF / IFAS researchers developed and marketed the variety Tasti-Lee ™. Since they have sequenced the DNA of 400 varieties of tomatoes, ancient and modern varieties, they found in the DNA portions of chromosomes correlated with higher levels of aromatic compounds.
They were able to replace a "bad" version of a gene with a "good" one, which improves the taste characteristics. Without giving up the imperatives of yield, disease resistance and the shelf life of the product.
The results will be presented on September 4th in Naples, Florida as part of the UF / IFAS Florida Tomato Institute.



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Enhanced flavor and aroma for a tomato variety developed by researchers at the University of Florida (Photo:
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