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Turkiye 06/08/2019

Turkey is preparing for another successful export year

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Turkish growers expect production volumes for citrus to be more this year. Citrus season will start in Turkey in the middle of September. During 2018/2019 season Turkish citrus sector reported good yields despite the Mediterranean fruit fly problem and bad weather conditions. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute orange production estimate is slightly lower than previous season at 1.9 million metric tons and tangerine production is estimated at 1.65 million metric tons, up from 1.55 million metric tons last year. Orange exports are estimated at 350,000 metric tons, tangerines at 710,000 metric tons, and lemon exports estimate is 571,000 metric tons for 2018/2019 season.

Turkey exports one-third of total citrus production and 70 percent of total exports are sent to Russia, Iraq and Ukraine. The most exported citrus items are lemons and tangerines, both of which have been increasing in production in recent years.

From September 4 to 6 at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong TEKASYA, one of the largest exporters from Turkey, will once again introduce their product range.

Company was established in 1983 by Hikmet Eryilmaz in Hatay City. TEKASYA packs, exports and transports fresh fruit and vegetables. Company has its own packaging, cold storage facilities and road transport (around 50 trucks with frigo trailers). TEKASYA has the capacity to export fruit and vegetables all year round from all over Turkey. The company has 7 facilities in the country and can export about 70,000 tons of fruit and vegetables per year.

Main products are lemons, grapefruits, mandarins, oranges, grapes, nectarines, pomegranates, pears, but also tomatoes, aubergines, cabbages, leeks, courgettes, cucumbers, peppers etc.

You can find TEKASYA in Hall 3 Stand J32.

+90 326 221 38 48

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