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Mexico 20/08/2019

Compac expands in Mexico with Rochin

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Last week Industrias Rochin has opened new office in Uruapan, second largest city in the Mexican state of Michoacan, to be closer to avocado customers in the region. Rochin is Compac’s distributor mostly in the Mexican market for their sorting technology for fruits (avocado), to detect external damages and also internal properties of the product.

Large installation is being put for Mexican branch of Del Monte, which is based in Uruapan. Sergio Paz Vega, Legal representative of Del Monte Grupo Comercial shares that Michoacán state represents a very important potential for export quality avocados, reaching more than 1 million tons of exports per year to different countries - USA is the most important market. Del Monte is actively participating in achieving these volumes and nowadays the company is the third most important exporter in the region in terms of volume and sales. Commenting new installation Sergio Paz Vega reveals: “Rochin has been our partner since a long time ago and with Compac, since the opening of the new plant we started to look at providers of packaging lines and we selected them”.

Reason for the opening of Rochin office in Uruapan explains Rodolfo Rochin, General Director of Industrias Rochin: “Avocado is a premium product that is greatly demanded worldwide. For the product (given the demand) and the requirement of quality in the fruit, Compac’s technology delivers to clients, producers and packers a technology in which they can select the fruit with highest quality in order to offer to the final client an optimum product for consumption”.

Compac, part of TOMRA Food, already has positive experience with avocados in other regions. For example in Australia they have 90+ % market share. In Chile, which is much smaller, according to the company 80% of the export of avocados goes with their equipment. Compac’s CEO Ken Moynihan sees a huge potential in the Mexican market and shares: “Here in Mexico were avocados are everything (the king), we were not really engaged. We are very excited to be here with Rochin. And is a slightly different capacity to how we’ve engaged in the past, we have now a facility here right next to a very large installation that we are putting in for Del Monte, it is a facility that is dedicated to the avocado production. Is going to have our own investment and our equipment to do demonstrations of our technology, to run training sessions with our customers and we are investing in people to be here to support our Mexican partners to deliver, to deliver our products to the market”.

For further information about Compac, please see and about Rochin

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