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Interko strengthens in Asia by opening local support office

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The establishment of Interko’s local presence comes in response to rising consumer demand in sophisticated Asian markets for high-quality bananas and exotic fruits, as well as ripe-and-ready fruit, which Interko’s systems can help to deliver.

A local support office was opened in Singapore to add another layer of value for its Asian customers. Headed by Jeffrey Yeoh, Interko’s after-sales representative for Asia, the office forms part of a wider initiative by the Dutch firm to further enhance its global customer support this year. The new Asian office will assist with local installations, provide a day-to-day after-care service, and gather vital feedback to drive ongoing technology improvements. “This year, one of our goals is to go the extra mile with our after-sales service for all customers, and Jeffrey will support that objective in Asia, especially South East Asia where he is based,” explains Interko’s Managing Director/Partner Chris Maat.

“We know that any problems or questions are always easier and quicker to resolve if someone is located close by. Jeffrey comes from a technical background, and brings with him an extensive knowledge of complex machinery. Plus his ability to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and some Malay is a huge advantage for our customers in Asia.” The Asian office is already proving very beneficial for Interko, as Chris shares: “Our existing local customers are happy, which is essential to our growth strategy for the region. Already, I can see that Jeffrey eliminates a lot of their worries. He can respond in the local time zone and in the local language. It’s working very well.”

At the same time, there remains a need across Asia, particularly where there is often a limited electrical connection and/or supply, to modernise existing ripening facilities with energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions – technology that Interko is renowned for pioneering.

Chris unveils: “Interko is expanding throughout Asia; we are looking to cement our position from Singapore to China and everywhere in between. We are focused largely on Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China to an extent. Also, we are eager to expand our reach to Vietnam.”

Interko designs and develops bespoke systems to enable any small or large retailer, importer, distributor, wholesaler or trader to ripen any fruit to perfection, both efficiently and economically.

Currently, its range of ripening rooms comprises: Ultimo, a large volume room that is ideal for ripening bananas; Axesso, a flexible system with random access capability for the precision ripening of interchangeable loads of fruits, such as mangoes or avocados; and Optimo, a sophisticated, turn-key solution that can adapt to accommodate from 8 up to 24 pallets of fresh bananas, avocados or mangoes. All rooms come fitted with Interko’s revolutionary REVERSO fans.

Since its creation (over 50 years ago), Interko has installed over 7,000 ripening rooms for bananas, avocados, mangoes, papayas and tomatoes – the earliest of which are still in operation and performing well today. Every year Interko installs around 200 ripening rooms.

Any business therefore that invests in Interko’s state-of-the-art technology can expect to achieve premium fruit quality, lower costs and higher profitability.

To drive its Asian business, next month Interko will attend Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 in Hong Kong on 4-6 September, exhibiting in Hall 5, V20.

“Any business with fruit ripening operations that is looking to stay ahead of the game should email Interko to make an appointment to meet us in Hong Kong,” points out Chris. “Come and discover how Interko could improve, upgrade or overhaul your existing fruit ripening system to enable you to raise your business’s profitability. We will guide you through Interko’s comprehensive range of forward-thinking solutions to develop the right set-up for your individual operation to maximise your results and minimise your costs.”

To schedule a meeting, contact:
Chris, Anna or Jeffrey
Tel: +31 (0)79 593 2581

For more information about Interko, visit:

For more information about Interko's ripening products, visit:

SOURCE: Interko

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Interko's Optimo fruit ripening room is well suited to Asian operators being fast to install and quickly adaptable to suit volume requirements
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