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USA 31/07/2019

Jet-Ready Precoolers now offer immediate shipping time

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Jet-Ready Precoolers, invented and manufactured by Global Cooling Inc., claim to become the industry standard for portable forced-air cooling tunnels. Time after time they have outperformed built-in-place bunker-wall and integrated-cooling systems.

Since their introduction, production lead time for the portable precoolers has averaged 6 to 7 weeks, according to Global's President Jim Still.

Now, shipping time is reduced. Mr. Still explains: “we are trying to always have some Jets on hand for immediate shipping. It's a bit surprising how well received this is, to tell a customer we can ship in one or two days instead of one or two months.”

According to Still, the Jet-Ready Precoolers can now be shipped immediately after receipt of payment arrangements.

Jet Precoolers are made in America, Philadelphia at the Philly Navy Yard business park. Jim J. Still, Global's Vice President says: “All our components are the best that money can buy, and our portables are amazingly powerful. Time after time, we outperform bunker wall systems and farm-built box fans.”

For more information about Global's Jet-Ready Precoolers, see Or eMail to: Or call 1-844-858-4621, local 1-610-248-9800. Jim Still, Founder/President/CVO, Global Cooling Inc.



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