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Brazil 16/07/2019

Positive trade balance for apples

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In Brazil the value of apple exports exceeded that of imports during the first months of this year.
According to Secex data (Secretaria de Comércio) the value of Brazilian apple exports exceeded the value of imports. The trade balance between January and May posted a positive result of 6.6 million USD.
However, this year the shipments are lower than those of the same period last year. According to the Cepea (Centro de Estudos Avancados em Economia Aplicada) the decline in exports could be related to the lower availability of the Gala variety due to poor harvests.
With regard to imports, the decrease in Chilean production and the phytosanitary barriers imposed on Argentina have reduced the volumes of these traditional Brazilian suppliers. On the contrary, Italy shipped nearly 7 times more apples to Brazil this year.

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Brazilian apple exports exceeded imports.
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