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Ghana 31/07/2019

Ghana increases use of drones

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Ghana has launched a fleet of drones carrying medical supplies in remote areas. By the number of gears and the areas served, it is the largest delivery service by drones in the world. The deployment of drones for agriculture has just begun.
Last April, Ghana inaugurated a new drone delivery service for medicines and blood. Drones can deliver 500 clinics and rural hospitals and potentially supply more than 12 million people. This service will become the largest UAV delivery service in the world according to President Nana Akufo-Addo.
Agriculture is the other sector benefiting from the use of drones. Dozens of gear are deployed to map plots, monitor crops, and help spray fertilizers and insecticides. About 500,000 farmers will benefit from these new services.


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Agriculture, after the public health sector, is the other beneficiary sector for the commissioning of UAVs in Ghana (Photo:
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