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USA 27/05/2019

The cherry harvest will be much smaller than expected

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While pre-season estimates predicted a record cherry crop in California, rain and hail events compromised the rest of the season.
In California, this year's estimates predicted a record harvest of cherries of about 10 million boxes (20 pound = 9.09 kg). But some weeks after the beginning of the harvest, in mid-May, heavy rains accompanied by hail caused considerable damage.
These rains affected almost all major producing regions: Santa Clara, Sacramento and San Joaquin. Fruit burst and cracked fruit, the damage is important and will compromise the total volume marketed.
The professionals, without being able to quantify exactly the damage, estimate that a few million boxes of cherries are lost. The total volume could be between 5 and 7 million boxes only.
California is the second largest producer of cherries in the country behind Washington State, which is expecting its third best crop this year. Northwest Cherry Growers estimated that the state of Washington is expected to harvest 24.9 million boxes (25.5 million in 2018 and 26.4 million in 2017).

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Rains in mid-May affected cherry production in California (Photo:
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