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Artificial Intelligence technologies in berry harvesting

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The 10th edition of “Berries of Ukraine-2019: Fresh & Frozen” held in Kyiv, impressed Fructidor team by the new start-ups willing to implement Artificial Intelligence technologies to the market.


Algo Human, one of Ukrainian start-ups representing robotization approach, has been investing in the harvesting solution that pledge to beat the western analogues by its cost-effectiveness.


The concept came along from the young enthusiast, Ilya Popov, CEO of Algo Human, when one of his friends complained on the lack of labour force at the harvest time. It goes not only about the lack of qualified personnel, but also about the quality and the cost of using the human force.


All these factors inevitably lead to the future automation of the harvesting process.


Having analyzed the existing supply of robotization solutions, it became clear that the cost of foreign analogues is simply not affordable for the Eastern European market.


The newly invented robot prototype should be reliable but easy in use with the initial cost of 50 000 USD compared to the existing expensive solutions of minimum 250 000 USD.


Though it may not work absolutely autonomously and basic surveillance is needed, the inventor states its machine is able to distinguish the ripe strawberry and the rotten one with the probability of 99%. All thanks to the artificial neural network development.


Meanwhile, Algo Human arrived to the conference searching for the business partner who is eager to test the new innovation technology on their fields, sharing the certain financial risk with the developer as well as providing their expertise and evaluation of the efficiency of recent innovation.


As Mr Popov says: “Our highly skilled developers’ team of neural network may educate the system to recognize the new sort of berries in just three months. At the same time, we do feel it is necessary to sharpen up on the first product chosen (strawberries) and only then to go further.”


Making this happen during the year, already in the next season we can have a new harvesting decision on the strawberry market of Ukraine with later expansion into the Eastern Europe and Asia.


To get more information about Artificial Intelligence invention please contact:


Mr. Ilya Popov (CEO)

Algo Human

Tel: +38 067 328 73 66




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Ilya Popov, CEO of Algo Human (on the right) and Olga Kolisnichenko, Country Manager in Fructidor at the conference "Berries of Ukraine-2019"
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