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Italy 22/05/2019

Record increase in Fruits & Vegetables consumption

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In Italy the consumption of Fruits & Vegetables has increased by almost one billion kilos over the past decade, with a record of 8.7 billion kilos purchased in 2018.
This analysis from Coldiretti presented at the Macfrut show revealed these figures. The increase in consumption is mainly due to the food preferences of young people who, according to Coldiretti, are increasingly interested in healthy eating, especially with smoothies and fruit juices consumed both outside and at home.
Apples are the most consumed fruits in the country, followed by oranges. In the case of vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and salads / endives top the list. Expenses in fresh ready-to-eat vegetables (IVth range) continue to grow, with growth of + 5% in value compared to the previous year, with nearly 20 million household buyers, according to Ismea.
The survey also mentions among the trends a sharp increase in direct purchases from producers: 6 out of 10 Italians made purchases at least once a month in 2018.



source : coldiretti it

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Italians consume more and more Fruits & Vegetables, the increase has reached 1 billion kilos in 10 years.
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