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Tanzania 03/05/2019

Tanzania's avocados target the Chinese market

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Tanzania has recorded a 10-fold increase in its agricultural export revenue, and the fruit and vegetable sub-sector with avocados has a double-digit growth rates.
According to official data, horticultural products currently generate more than US $ 700 million a year, compared to US $ 60 million in 2004. With an annual growth rate of 12%, the horticulture subsector has become an engine for growth in the agriculture sector of the country. Among the exported products, avocados are increasingly becoming the "green gold" of Tanzania, TAHA (Tanzania Horticultural Association) said that the country produces about 7,000 tons of avocado a year.
Avocado exports are mainly destined for the European markets but to diversify the markets, the sector is now targeting China. A significant market because China imports 32 100 tons of avocados per year for a value of $105 million.
The Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture has begun the process of getting domestic avocados to enter the Chinese market.



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Avocado production is growing rapidly in Tanzania.
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