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Chile 25/04/2019

BBC Technologies introduces a new user interface for the MIRA 360 cherry sorter and sizer at the Global Cherry Summit 2019

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BBC Technologies is one of the global leaders in complete turnkey solutions for grading, optimizing, and packing small fruit. Founded by growers, company specializes in soft, delicate varieties in which their technology preserves the natural characteristics of each piece of fruit. BBC Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and installs all of their own end-to-end turnkey lines, which include traceability and analytics software.

At the Global Cherry Summit 2019 BBC Technologies introduces a new user interface for the MIRA 360 cherry sorter and sizer, which further increases user friendliness and provides more streamlined and efficient navigation.  The MIRA 360 is a highly versatile machine that sorts wet or dry cherries of all varieties of cherries, including Rainier. The fewer transitions on this sorter equal better care of each cherry. The unique 10 lane roller conveyor system singulates and fully rotates cherries allowing full surface inspection of each cherry under the cameras. This ensures a maximum level of accuracy in sorting. The MIRA 360 identifies and removes defects including cracks and splits, spurs, soft rot, abrasion and pitting, bruises, insect damage, stemless cherries, and doubles. Along with defect sorting, the MIRA 360 also sorts by color and size into multiple streams in compliance with industry standard sizing bands. 

The BBC Technologies Cherry Fill-By-Weight (FBW) systems offer a variety of final pack options including bags, clamshells, punnets and boxes. The systems are designed with product preservation in mind, and achieve weighing accuracy down to a single cherry. 

The company offers a choice of filling solutions: CURO 2, FBW 10, CURO 12 and CURO 16 featuring 2, 10, 12 and 16 filling stations respectively, as we as a box filler. 

These systems are versatile and designed to fill a variety of packaging sizes including:

Clamshells sizes 125 g (4.4 oz) to 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
Bag sizes 454 g (1 lb) to 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Box sizes Euro and standard from 1kg (2.2 lbs) up to 20kg (44 lbs)

BBC Technologies turnkey cherry lines are designed to provide versatility in any fruit sorting condition. They offer capacity and performance delivered in a highly efficient footprint that requires less water, power, and labour than similar machines on the market. Whether sizing fruit into numerous bands or removing defective fruit, they offer customers a seamless sorting solution for packing facilities of all sizes.

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CURO filling machine from BBC Technologies
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