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All countries 03/04/2019

Simona Caselli returned to the head of the AREFLH

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The general assembly of AREFLH, the association of European fruit and vegetable regions and producers, was held in Bordeaux on March 27th. The meeting aimed at renewing the mandates, the presidency and the board of directors, for a new term of 3 years.
The outgoing president, Simona Caselli, has been unanimously reconfirmed at the head of the association. It will be assisted by Jean-Louis Moulon, chairman of the producers' council, also reconfirmed, as well as a board of directors composed of representatives of the regions and associations of producer organizations.
 "I am very pleased to be able to renew my term as head of the AREFLH, which means that the work accomplished has been appreciated by both the regions and the producers," said Simona Caselli.
The meeting was an opportunity to return to the past 3 years, whose results are largely positive. The opening of an office in Brussels to get closer to the European institutions. The base of the association has expanded, with the entry of 8 APOs and 5 new regions, the last being the region of Lazio. AREFLH strengthened its role as a privileged interlocutor of the European Commission, achieving results that would not have been achieved alone, as regions or as APOs.
The main missions of the AREFLH (Assembly of European Fruit, Vegetable and Horticultural Regions) are:
- represent its 19 member regions and 25 APOs from 7 European countries;
- defend the economic and social interests of the fruit, vegetable and horticultural sectors in Europe;
- promote the exchange of experiences, partnerships and joint projects between regions and professional organizations;
- actively seek new solutions to the main problems affecting the future of fruit and vegetable production in Europe.



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Ms. Simona Caselli, re-elected president of AREFLH and Mr. Jean-Louis Moulon, also reconfirmed for a new term of 3 years.
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