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Singapore 20/03/2019

Singapore wants to improve food security and plans to produce 20% of its F & V needs

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Currently importing more than 90% of its food supply, Singapore plans to develop local production to improve its food security.
SFA (Singapore Food Agency) has set a target of producing 30% of Singapore's total nutritional needs by 2030, announced the Minister of Environment and Water Resources.
Nutritional requirements include 50% fruit and vegetables, 25% protein and 25% staple foods. The goal is to locally produce 10% of these proteins (meat, fish) as well as 20% of these fruits and vegetables.
For this plan, entitled "30 by 30 vision", the ministry has defined four areas of achievement: using technology to cultivate more with less, free physical space for agriculture, develop local talent and bring consumers to support local products.
New solutions to increase productivity, develop R&D for innovations, launch training for agronomy, crops and urban agriculture.
The ministry believes that Singapore can become an agri-food hub that exports sustainable solutions and generates new opportunities for employment and business.



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Singapore wants to locally produce 20% of its needs in Fruits & Vegetables.
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