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India 19/03/2019

Brexit could have a positive effect on exports

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If the consequences of Bexit cause fears among some professionals in the Fruits & Vegetables sector, it is not the same in India. Indian professionals believe that the short-term impact will be small and in the long run can be very positive.
Most of India's exports to the EU go to the United Kingdom. Indian professionals therefore believe that Brexit will not have adverse consequences for their exports.
Indeed, in the case of Brexit, Indian exports will not be confronted in the UK market with competition from products from the South of the EU. In addition, the United Kingdom will no longer apply the current EU quarantine rules and will have to develop its own regulations which should benefit products from non-EU countries.
To the EU, India exported 79,867 tonnes of grapes, shipped up to 14 March this year, 27% more than the 62,750 tonnes exported last year at the same date.


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Brexit could lead to an increase in Indian exports to the United Kingdom.
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