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Revolutionary equipment using NIR spectroscopy allows reducing waste and generating more revenue from fruits (apple, avocado, mango, kiwi and others)

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Building on the success of the F-750 Produce Quality Meter for apples, grapes, mandarins, mangos, pears, kiwis, persimmons, cherries and even dried sultana, US based innovator Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science, introduced a much less expensive model for avocados only. Growers, packers and ripening facilities can now benefit from these easier to use and less expensive meters.


The Avocado Quality Meter uses near infrared analysis to assess avocado dry matter – a key indicator of the ultimate eating quality of an avocado. The traditional way to measure avocado dry matter requires up to a few days and significant additional labor, but now with Felix Instruments Avocado Quality Meter, everyone dealing with avocados can measure dry matter only in 12 seconds.


Leonard Felix, Felix Instruments President, states their company mission is to provide fresh produce professionals with the tools to make data-driven decisions. Quality meters can be used post-harvest, or pre-harvest to manage the crop and select an optimal harvest date. Ripening facilities can use the instruments to achieve best results and reduce spoilage. Mr. Felix explains: “This involves measuring the fruit before they’ve taken any actions towards improving it, as well as measuring the fruit during and after ripening process. If we determine the state of the produce before ripening and apply a ripening regimen that is appropriate for the quality and level of maturation of the fruit, we can achieve more consistent result at the end of our regimen”.


When talking about prices Leonard Felix shares that Avocado Quality meter costs around $3500 (when buying 3 pieces), F-750 Produce Quality Meter for apples, grapes, mandarins, mangos, pears, kiwis, persimmons, cherries and even dried sultana is more expensive. “We have already shipped more than 30 avocado meters and plan to continue with around 25 devices per month. Our customers are growers and packers from Mexico, Peru, Spain, Russia, USA. We have distributors in approximately 30 countries, so equipment is available worldwide”, - adds the innovator.


Felix Instruments plans to launch separate quality meters for the mango and kiwi industries later this year and currently has active projects in New Zealand, Italy, Australia preparing these products.


Another exciting new product launched by Felix Instruments at Fruit Logistica was the AccuStore and AccuRipe systems. These environmental controllers allows produce ripening facilities and produce storage facilities to both monitor and control the levels of gases. “Ripening rooms, storage rooms have been handled in a similar manner for many years”.   Accurate environmental sensing is the heart of the systems.  “Rather than asking the computer to optimize the process, it is the sensors and computer that provide the data which makes it obvious to the user how to optimize the process”, - shares Leonard Felix. These systems minimize spoilage risk, improve consistency and remove ripening room guesswork.


For contact:

Leonard Felix

+1 (360) 833-8835


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Leonard Felix showing equipment at Fruit Logistica
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