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Why to pay thousands of dollars for data loggers?

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Chinese company offering temperature, humidity and location tracking devices has asked this question. And started to offer their robust devices for free.

“For last few years there was a tremendous increase in shipping of fresh produce from South America countries into China. China needs more and more fresh fruits, demand is increasing every year. We want to contribute to this process and make sure that temperature and humidity for all these imported fruits were monitored while shipping. And that's why we introduced “Fresh 2 China” program”, - explains General manager of Cydiance Austin Gu.

Mr. Gu explains that importers and exporters need data instead of data logger: temperature, humidity and location data, so we try to offer free loggers. As long as shipment is made to China Cydiance is going to offer the device for free. The purpose of this program is to encourage more exporting into China.

“Demand in China is very big. For example every container coming into wholesale market in Shanghai will be cleared in 2 hours. Buyers are ready even to buy lower quality because they will be able to resell it to public. But things are going to change, people are going to choose good quality products. That is why we have “Fresh 2 China” program and we want to make sure that all the products coming into China are with guarantee of good quality”, – adds Austin Gu.

Learn more about “Fresh 2 China” program and Request your free device here

Cydiance will be also represented on Fruit Logistica in Berlin (February 6-8) Hall 26 stand B-01.

Shanghai Cydiance Technology Co., Ltd.
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+86 6034 8000 China

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