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Angola 29/12/2018

Angola bets on agriculture to revive its economy

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Angola, which currently imports 80% of its food products, wants to reverse the trend and regain its agricultural potential. The years of civil war then an economy based solely on the oil sector have wiped out national agricultural production.
President Joao Lourenço plans to emerge from the crisis by diversifying the economy and notably by developing agriculture. Developing agriculture would help ensure food self-sufficiency, reduce imports and create jobs.
To achieve this, a recently adopted law promotes foreign investment and an Agricultural Development Project (PDAC) with a total cost of US $ 230 million will be put in place. The 6-year project involves a dozen regions of the country. It will provide support to producers and marketing, develop and improve infrastructure (roads, irrigation canals).
In addition, the World Bank announced in December the allocation of US $ 50 million for the development of agricultural technologies in Lesotho and Angola. 


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Angola, according to the FAO, is among the TOP 5 countries with the highest potential for agriculture in the world. The country has 58 million hectares of arable land, the equivalent of the surface of a country larger than France. Only 10% of these lands are exploited (Photo Business Africa).
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