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Korea (South) 18/12/2018

Apple production in decrease

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In South Korea, poor weather conditions during the flowering and fruiting seasons led to a decline in apple production. The decrease is estimated at 14%.
According to a recent USDA GAIN FAS report, fresh apple production in South Korea is forecast to decrease by 14% from 545,349 tonnes to 467,800 tonnes in 2018/19 season. The decline was due to cold weather during the bloom season in April and heat damage during the fruit growing season in July and August.
Areas dedicated to apple production have increased in recent years with 30,449 hectares in 2013/14 and 33,601 hectares in 2017/18 but now appear to be stagnating with 33,204 hectares for 2018/19. Another observation is that apple growing areas are moving to the northern regions of the country in response to the localized effects of climate change.
South Korean exports of fresh apples for the 2017/18 marketing year amounted to only 2 901 tonnes. Mainly to Taiwan (56% of exported volume) and to Vietnam (14%).

source : gain fas usda gov




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Apples are the 2nd most consumed fruit in South Korea with an average per capita consumption of 10.5 kg behind citrus 11.6 kg (photo:
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