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How the latest technology can protect and enhance your fruit brand

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Visitors of Asia Fruit Logistica had an opportunity to check their fruit samples and discover in-depth information regarding the internal and external quality and characteristics of each fruit using the latest sensor technologies. This became possible thanks to ‘Fruit Sensing Lab’, which operated at stand of TOMRA Food and Compac.

“The ‘Fruit Sensing Lab’ makes it easy to experience state-of-the art sensor technologies used in external and internal inspection systems, including Spectrim and Inspectra2,” – explains Timothy Marshall, product manager for Compac. Visitors who brought a piece of fruit to the lab were able to receive a detailed report on the characteristics and quality of that fruit, demonstrating the power and possibilities of today’s advanced grading platforms. The inspections revealed more characteristics about the fruit than what is possible with older technology, for example, sweetness level, internal defects, storage capability, and hard-to-see subtle external defects.

“We are making test reports, for example this customer brought citrus and we provided him with 300 photos from Spectrim, checked color, shape, size, pressure etc.” – Timothy shows detailed report for one Italian citrus company. “We want to open people’s eyes and show how they can use latest technology to protect their own brand”.

Spectrim - the award-winning Spectrim platform is the most powerful external grading platform available to the fresh produce industry. Spectrim’s ability to reduce cost-per-pack while increasing the consistency of quality of pack is vital for packhouses. System and software demonstrations will be available.

Inspectra2 - launched at Fruit Logistica 2018, Inspectra2 uses a NIR spectrometer to measure the internal properties of fresh produce, minimizing supply chain losses and ensuring a quality eating experience for consumers.

“It is much more than sorting, it is about getting as much information about each piece of fruit and then it can be used to optimize the business, protect and enhance your brand,” – concludes Timothy.

Experience the latest technologies at PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL, USA (19-20 October) - stand # 759.

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Rob Pollard
GM & VP Europe
+44 7887 750432

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Timothy Marshall, product manager for Compac and Björn Weyts, Global Marketing Manager Food TOMRA Sorting NV showing how ‘Fruit Sensing Lab’ can protect and enhance fruit brand
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