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Spain 19/07/2018

Doubling of sales for ORRI mandarin in 2018

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The mandarin from Israel originallty, ORRI registered a double of its sales in 2018. The marketing totaled 52 000 tons of which a large part is cultivated in the province of Valencia.

In the province of Valencia the producers of  the protected variety ORRI managed to commercialize in 2018 a total of 11 934 tons. That's 22.95% of the 52,000 tonnes sold this year of this Premium variety and a doubling of turnover compared to the previous campaign.
The total tonnage represents a 100% increase over the previous season which reached 26 000 tonnes.
This high-end variety has conquered consumers, easy-peel, few pips, characteristic sweet taste and skin of a beautiful intense color. In addition, Mandarin ORRI offers the longest commercial campaign on the market: 5 months, from December to May.



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The mandarin ORRI has really conquered consumers, doubling its sales compared to the previous campaign.
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