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England 12/07/2018

For you, what is the perfect banana?

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A photo of bananas, all at different levels of maturity, has been seen thousands of times on Instagram where consumers are invited to designate the "perfect" banana.

The photo shows bananas in different stages of maturity numbered from 1 to 15. On the "perfect" level of maturity, the opinions are really different.
A majority emerged on the choices of N ° 8 to N ° 10. Some have opted for less maturity with choices N ° 6 and N ° 7. Far fewer people chose either No. 2 or No. 11.
A nutritionist pointed out that bananas are an excellent source of potassium and other nutrients, regardless of their stage of maturity. However diabetics should eat bananas that are not too ripe and contain starch and less sugar.



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France JURI-FRUITS - France - 1. Nectarine - 2. Peach - 3. Apricot
Ecuador Earthfructifera International - Ecuador - 1. Avocados - 2. Banana - 3. Mango
USA Stellar Distributing - USA - 1. Lime - 2. Fig - 3. Pomegranate
USA Agrimex Capital, Inc. - USA - 1. Banana - 2. Habanero pepper - 3. Avocados
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The Instagram account behind this survey has 2.3 million followers (Instagram photo / Fitness_meal).
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