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Kenya 12/07/2018

Coffee crops are foregone in favor of avocado crops

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In Kenya, pioneering farmers began to replace their coffee plantations with avocado orchards several years ago, and this crop modification is growing to take advantage of the global demand boom.

Farmers pioneers in the cultivation of avocado estimate that they have gained 10 times more with this fruit compared to coffee. Coffee prices went from $ 2.80 a pound in 2011 to about $ 1.12 today. While the demand for avocado is growing globally and prices are following this trend.
Today thousands of Kenyan farmers replace their coffee plantations with avocado orchards. Kenya is now the 2nd largest avocado producer in Africa - behind South Africa. Kenyan exports increased from nearly 39,000 tonnes in 2015 to 47,000 tonnes in 2016, for a value of about 5.2 billion shillings ($ 52 million).



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Kenya exports about 1 / 5th of its avocado production, mainly to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.
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