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Italy 09/07/2018

Europe's largest blueberry processing facility signed UNITEC

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COOPHUELVA is a producer based in Lucena del Puerto (Huelva) and part of the ONUBA FRUIT group, a leader in Europe for growing and exporting berries. COOPHUELVA put its trust in UNITEC by purchasing 32-lane equipment - 2 16-track sorting machines - equipped with Blueberry Vision 2 technology.

With this 32-lane - two 16-track sorters - equipped with Blueberry Vision 2 technology, COOPHUELVA benefits from one of the largest lines in the world to process and sort blueberries according to their quality. The equipment is capable of processing about 3,000,000 fruits per hour, which can vary depending on the size of the fruit.
The UNITEC Blueberry Vision 2 technology literally changed the way COOPHUELVA treated blueberries, helping the cooperative solve many of the problems it faced in previous years and achieve unexpected results so far.
"We went from major quality problems until last season, when customers refused our fruit several times, this year, during which we had almost no complaints and channelled customers demand. And this is what, in a very short time, not more than 3 years, will allow us to repay our investments "stressed Mr. Bartolomé Fernández, director of Coophuelva.
"The advantage of the UNITEC lines is that they allow us to sell blueberries of the highest quality. When we could not detect a deteriorated blueberry, now, with the UNITEC technology, all the blueberries packaged are of good quality. The final result obtained with Blueberry Vision is a guaranteed success! " says José Rodriguez, COOPHUELVA maintenance manager.
All this has been possible thanks to the high reliability and precision of Blueberry Vision 2, which sort the blueberries guaranteeing the consistency of the fruit in each package and consistency of quality with each delivery.
UNITEC was the first company to implement technologies to sort blueberries by their quality, being able to fully examine the whole fruit. Today, UNITEC technologies in the processing and sorting of blueberries have achieved important goals thanks to their experience in the main markets of blueberries such as Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. South.


source  : unitec group com

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In the land of blueberries BLUEBERRY VISION 2 makes the difference. Thanks to the consistent quality, the final product, and the Cooperative itself, have gained reliability in the eyes of end consumers.
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