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China 03/07/2018

Qifeng Fruit: Exporting quantity of Chinese kiwi rose compared to last year

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  Just in a few years situation in kiwi industry in China has changed: growing area expanded, more kiwi distributors appeared, more foreign fruits took a great part of the market – all those factors leaded to intense competition on domestic market.


  Staying one of the leader in kiwi industry in China, Qifeng Kiwi  continue to expand its sales areas and this year exported its production to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Canada, 14 countries and regions in total. That means that Chinese kiwi also become popular on international market. This year company presented its production to Western Europe customers in February and had rather big success on Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

  In total this season Qifeng kiwi exported 2000 tons , which is 4 times more compared with last year.


  In order to occupy bigger part of the market company also improved the quality of its product. Domestic famous kiwi brand Qifeng kiwi, Jiawo, Qibugou pass different levels of control and selections that lead to constant raise of its quality. Such varieties as Golden kiwi--jinyan, red kiwi--Hongyang, green kiwi--Xuxiang and Cuixiang become more and more popular on international market.

  Company believe that quality of Chinese kiwi will improve greatly in the coming 3-5 years and export of kiwi will continue to rise.



Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.



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In total this season Qifeng kiwi exported 2000 tons
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