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Thailand 27/06/2018

Pineapples are also sold at petrol stations

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In Thailand, because of excess supply of pineapples and to prevent prices from falling further, all opportunities to stimulate consumption are seized.

The Ministry of Commerce is trying to find new markets that want to boost exports but also pineapple consumption, particularly in provinces where pineapple is not a common fruit.
Among the proposals adopted, a company buys pineapples in large quantities to produce dried pineapples and can distribute them more easily throughout the country. PTT Plc Ltd offered pineapple growers the opportunity to sell their products directly at all petrol stations at no additional cost of renting spaces.


source :petrolplaza com,, thaivisa com,

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PTT petrol stations welcome pineapple producers free of charge to sell their fruit until the end of June (photo PTT).
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