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Chile 21/06/2018

Chile exports many more apples to Europe

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The shortage of apples in Europe, a consequence of a decline in production last season, led to an increase in imports, particularly from South America.

Chilean apple exports rose by about 60% in value. The start was slow until May, then demand jumped. Especially those from Europe where frost in the months of September and October of last year has affected production in many countries, leading to the lowest bid in 9 years.
Of the varieties exported to Europe, some show remarkable growth rates: Royal Gala (+ 55%), Granny Smith (+ 97%) and Fuji (+ 115%).
At the same time, sales to the United States, the Middle East and other Latin American countries are down from last year's exports and from the average of the last five years.


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In the apple deficit, Europe imports in larger quantities, especially from South America.
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