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John Deere and Pessl Instruments establish distribution partnership

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John Deere and Pessl Instruments GmbH have announced a distribution partnership. Pessl is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural weather stations, telemetry systems and other accessories for precision farming. John Deere has a nationwide distribution network and an extensive range of machines equipped with AMS technology.

The cooperation gives the John Deere distribution partners and partner companies access to the complete Pessl product portfolio on request. For advice and sales they are supported by the Pessl sales and service team. At the same time, they can further expand the integration of components into the John Deere Operations Center, strengthening their leading position in precision agriculture.

For more than 33 years Pessl Instruments has been offering tools for informed decision-making.  Company produces and exports worldwide the agrometeorological monitoring systems known as the iMETOS®, that come together on the FieldClimate web platform and through free apps for smartphone.  A holistic solution supports farm management in many aspects – disease models based on weather station data can be calculated for more than 30 crops; localized weather forecast is combined with on-site measured data for higher precision while devices with soil moisture sensors and decision support systems (DSS) for irrigation management help optimize water use. On-site soil nutrient analysis solutions and electronic traps for insects monitoring are also a part of the holistic solution for decision/precision agriculture.

“With more than 50.000 systems installed we offer complete solutions for decision agriculture. The farmer can start with small datalogger or sensor and later add other solutions for a smart farm. It works like a Lego. That is why our equipment is affordable even for small farmers starting from 3-5 ha”, - explains the Founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments Mr Gottfried Pessl.

Pessl Instruments will continue to offer the products under its own name. The sales cooperation will be offered to all John Deere distributors and partner companies in the EU28 + countries.

Contact: Pessl Instruments GmbH, Austria
Mr Gottfried Pessl
+43 3172 55 21


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iMetos ECO D2 - Wireless Rain, Water level, Temperature and continuous Soil moisture/Salinity monitoring. The system is utilizing Pessl Instruments world renowned fieldclimate technology.
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