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Moldova 06/06/2018

First sorting line for apples officially opened in the Republic of Moldova

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The Republic of Moldova is one of the rapidly growing markets  for fresh fruit producers. The agricultural area in Moldova occupy over 66% of the total area of the state, of which almost 45 thousand ha are apples orchards. The statistical orchard farm produces from 500 and 6000 tons of apples per year. The most popular varieties are: Idared, Reneta Simirenko, Golden Delicious i Jonagold.

End of May polish company Sorter in cooperation with representative on the Moldavian market, the company EUROFORTA, have officially opened the first sorting line of Sorter`s production in the Republic of Moldova.

The guests after the presentation of the SORTER’s offer had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the functioning of the 2-lane apple sorting line and with the automated technologies used in the fruit industry.

“We hope that this investment will soon initiate more installations”, - explains Anita Kacprowicz, Sorter`s marketing manager.

The investment financed by Moldavian government included the construction of a modern packhouse, as well as, the design and assembly of a technological line for unloading, sorting and packing apples. The entire line’s efficiency is up to 5 t/h.

The detailed information about the machines’ construction and functionality of the line can be found on Sorter`s website.

Contact: Sorter, Poland
Mrs Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Sales Department Manager
Phone: +48 608 697 888

Anita Kacprowicz, marketing department
Phone: +48 608 889 644

Representative in Moldova:
Mr. Matcovschi Valeriu
Riscani, Moldova
Phone: +37379992523


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