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Newly invented braspberry becoming more and more popular

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Braspberry is the result of a viral Instagram video where Justin Timberlake was crazy about "braspberries" — raspberries stuffed with blueberries (because they fit perfectly together).

Middle of May Driscoll’s directly responded with social posts showing a pack of beautifully stuffed braspberries. The posts were quickly picked up and the braspberry craze took off. Whereas the braspberries initially were only "handpicked" and "handstuffed" — for promotional purposes, now Driscoll’s is working quickly to look for ways to scale for potential retail sales.

“As in the USA Driscoll’s commands 90% market share of raspberries and is the trusted brand for all fresh berries it was only logical that Driscoll’s as the berry market leader would innovate the opportunity” – says Frances Dillard, Driscoll's director of marketing. Marieke Appel, responsible for the EMEA Marketing program adds “In Europe and Asia the braspberry found its way to social media. Although there is no special braspberry packaging planned in Europe”.

Marieke explains that Driscoll's made the brasberries just for promotional purposes, as too much hand labor would be required to make them for the masses. “So we encourage our customers to stuff their own braspberries, at least for now. And the good thing is that both berries are in season, braspberry fun guaranteed ;-)”, - she adds.

Driscoll's, headquartered in Watsonville, California and offices in Europe and Australia, has been cultivating the most beautiful berries for over 100 years, focusing on the best known and most loved ones: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The company demonstrates the validity of its slogan "Only the finest" by discovering and naturally developing the freshest, most delicious and beautiful fruits.

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