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USA 31/05/2018

American professionals fully satisfied with UNITEC's Cherry Vision technology

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The cherry season has just started in California, and as with every season, producers and packers of these fruits have only a few weeks to complete the entire year's work.

In California, there are currently 12 UNITEC lines equipped with Cherry Vision technology, most of which are installed in fruit packing plants (Morada Produce, Morco Produce, Chinchiolo Stemilt, Felix Costa & Sons, M & R Packing, Podesta Packing). Warmerdam Packing). Already 9 of these lines have been operational in recent seasons, while 3 have been installed this year.
These American professionals are fully satisfied with the results obtained. This season is a delicate season for cherries, the bad weather conditions in winter have resulted in a significant reduction in volumes and some quality issues.
UNITEC's Cherry Vision technology is invaluable for efficient sorting. The automation of the entire process and the high reliability of Cherry Vision in sorting the fruits on the internal and external quality allows to realize significant labor savings with the guarantee of final packages extremely uniform and coherent .
This assurance of a final product with "consistent quality" allows Californian packers to be more confident and create a positive relationship with their customers. UNITEC technology is a strategic asset to grow your business in the cherry sector.




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UNITEC CHERRY VISION: precision and efficiency that ensure a final product with "consistent quality". Here is the company stand at the recent Macfrut show.
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